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Anyse Pereira
Estudante de Doutoramento

My PhD research is focused in Crop Wild Relatives from Brassicaceae family that grow in Cabo Verde (one of the Macaronesian archipelagos).

I am working specifically with the valorization of Cabo Verde´s endemic flora, specially the species that are used in tradicional medicine, and species that are related to economically important ones and can serve as gene donors in order to improve their resilience to climate change related abiotic stress.

The main aim is to integrate different molecular tools (e.g. phylogenetic, genetic diversity and genomics) to identify genes linked to abiotic stress on wild species to be easily transferable to increment crop productivity.

I am also focused on the endemic species used in tradicional medicine traded in local markets aiming to raise awareness about the need to desing strategies to their conservation (there is none from the government) and the scientific validation of therapeutical aspects of those plants (antioxidant, antidiabetic, antimicrobian essays).

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