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4 March 2020
Spring Seminar 2021
CIBIO-Azores, a research unit based at the University of the Azores and integrated in the Research Network on Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (InBIO, Associated Laboratory), organizes the Fall Seminar with the purpose of disseminating its research activities within the academic community, but also with the funding agencies and other partners at regional level. The research group delivers research work in the areas of systematics, evolution, biogeography and paleontology, ecology, limnology and coastal biology. With this event, the research unit carries out one of its functions, namely the dissemination of projects and results obtained in their investigations, resulting in a summary of its contribution to the advancement of knowledge. It is also an opportunity for the collection of the elements of the unit, usually occupied with its specific tasks, and therefore a step towards greater scientific and personal integration of the body of researchers.
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