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Diogo Cláudio Pavão
Estudante de Doutoramento

Diogo C. Pavão, PhD student of Biology (University of the Azores), has an M.D. in Biodiversity e Biotechnology.

He is a member of CIBIO - Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources - InBIO Associate Laboratory.

Was a Research Assistant and a Superior Technician of the research project: FOREST-ECO 2 - Towards an Ecological and Economic valorization of the Azorean Forest, Azores 2020 in the University of the Azores, Portugal.

Currently working on Dendroclimatology and Modelling for his PhD on endemic plant species of the Azores archipelago, aiming to understand the relationship between habitat suitability projections, derived from species distribution models, and temporal or spatial variation in tree growth records.

His other research interests are in the areas of Plant Ecology, Biodiversity, Biostatistics, Sustainable Tourism, Ecosystem Services, Dendrochronology and Dendroclimatology, while working also on publications on tourism scientific journals.

He started his publications in international journals on Ecological Modelling Journal, with an important contribute to Plant Ecology of the Azores archipelago.

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Pavao, D.C., Elias, R.B. & Silva, L. (2019). Comparison of discrete and continuum community models: Insights from numerical ecology and Bayesian methods applied to Azorean plant communities. Ecological Modelling, 402, 93-106.