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Vítor Manuel da Costa Gonçalves

Vítor Gonçalves is graduated in Biology by the University of Porto (1991) and PhD in Biology by the University of Azores (2008), where he is presently Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. He is coordinator of the Freshwater Ecology Research Group (FRESCO) of CIBIO Açores and the leader of the Azorean Bank of Algae and Cyanobacteria (BACA).

His main research interests are freshwater biodiversity, taxonomy, ecology and conservation of microalgae, and the assessment and evolution of ecological status of aquatic ecosystems. He is also interested in the biotechnological applications of microalgae and cyanobacteria.

He has participated in several research projects and services, in the areas of aquatic biodiversity and ecology, aquatic ecosystems quality assessment, and water resources planning and management. He has authored over 90 publications including books, book chapters, articles in scientific journals, conference papers, and technical reports.

He has participated in numerous congresses and other scientific meetings, both national and international, where he presented more than 50 communications (oral and posters). He has extensive teaching experience in algal and fungal biology and diversity, and aquatic ecology, having supervised numerous undergraduate, MSc and PhD students.

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