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UNlocking the megaTsunamI Deadlock: using the near-source impacts to constrain tsunami generation by volcanic flank collapses.

The project aims to study with unprecedented detail the proximal impacts of one of the largest landslide tsunamis known from the geological record: the ~73 ka Fogo tsunami (Cape Verde). The idea is to use a combined onshore/offshore approach to reconstruct proximal tsunami inundation and thus constrain the near-source magnitude and physical characteristics of the tsunami, setting the bar for any future, more competent far-field tsunami propagation simulations. This research will deliver a solid new perspective on the generation of landslide megatsunamis, and on the scale of destruction expected from their impact upon immediately adjacent coastlines. It will also provide a solid foundation for more robust forecasts of the far-field effects of such waves. The proposed research will be developed in synergy with other funded projects, being part of a wider strategy designed to ultimately assess the real scale of risks associated with volcanic flank collapses and the tsunamis they trigger.

Principal Investigator
Ramalho RS, IDL-Instituto D. Luís