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As diferentes competências em investigação e desenvolvimento permitem ao CIBIO-Açores prestar serviços em áreas muito diversas, tanto em ambiente terrestre como em meio marinho, e também em sistemas dulçaquícolas. Elencam-se abaixo as áreas onde o CIBIO-Açores poderá desenvolver atividades de prestação de serviços, em conjunto com entidades públicas e privadas.

Environmental Monitoring
  • Geological and paleoenvironmental identification and description of fossil deposits
  • Long-term impact assessment of environmental (volcanic and climate) and anthropogenic changes through the application of paleolimnological and ecological methods
  • Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Pliocene and Pleistocene coastal marine ecosystems
  • Morphological and genetic identification of marine, freshwater and terrestrial organisms, including hybrids, and determination of their origin
  • Monitoring, environmental quality and impact assessment, biodiversity inventory and consultancy on marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, including agricultural areas, pastures and forests
  • Definition of the conservation status of indigenous species and identification of priority invasive species
  • Early detection and assessment of public health risk by the presence of cyanotoxins in the aquatic environment
  • Impact assessment of tourism activity on ecosystems
Environmental management
  • Land use planning and general planning studies
  • Strategic and sectorial plans for natural resource management and conservation
  • Environmental management plans and action plans
  • Consultancy on endemic and native taxa conservation actions in the Azores, including translocations and establishment of ex situ collections
  • Risk assessment associated with the introduction of alien species
  • Assessment of tourist load capacity
Environmental Valorization
  • Tourism and educational valorization of fossil deposits
  • Quantification of ecosystem services
  • Forest resource assessment including dendrometry, dendrochronology and spatial modelling
  • Characterization and valorization of natural and rural areas, walking trails and underwater routes with potential for tourism 
  • Projects and actions related to the dissemination and valorization of the natural heritage
  • Isolation, cultivation and economic valorization of algae and cyanobacteria as biotechnological resources


Past Services to community