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João Faria de Oliveira Santos

João Faria holds a PhD in Biology from the University of Lisbon. His interests lie in the field climate change, evolutionary ecology, population genetics and connectivity in marine organisms. He's curretly studying the effects of carbon dioxide seeps on marine biodiversity and species interactions, as way to further our understanding of ocean acidification consequences.

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Faria, J., Vale, M., Ribeiro, P., Hawkins, S.J. & Martins, G.M. (2024). The ecological value of fully enforced, no-entry, marine protected areas: A case study of harvested limpets. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, n/a.
Faria, J., Prestes, A.C.L., Moreu, I., Martins, G.M., Neto, A.I. & Cacabelos, E. (2021). Arrival and proliferation of the invasive seaweed <em>Rugulopteryx okamurae</em> in NE Atlantic islands, 2021.06.25.448933.