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Livia Sinigaglia
Estudante de Doutoramento

I graduated in Bsc Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology in 2016 (University of Plymouth, United Kingdom) and in Msc Freshwater and Marine Biology in 2020 (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands). I am a PhD student at the BIODIV Doctoral Degree Program in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution and I am investigating the biogeographic and population genetic patterns of marine bivalves in the oceanic islands of the Macaronesia. Despite oceanic islands ecosystems have been essential for the development of Island Biogeographic Theories, the patterns are yet to be fully understood for the marine realm. At times of global climatic change such knowledge is essential for directing conservation efforts and better preserve the ecology of such unique ecosystems.

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Álvaro, N.V., Sinigaglia, L., Madeira, P., Hipólito, A., Melo, C.S., Arruda, S., et al. (2024). The razor clam Solen marginatus Pulteney, 1799: A new anthropogenic marine introduction in the Azores Archipelago, 70, 103387.