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SCAPETOUR – SeasCAPEs promotion to diversity TOURristic products

SCAPETOUR project main goal is to promote Nature tourism in the Azores, making use of its coastal and underwater resources, through the evaluation and design of ecotouristic trails to conduct coastal and marine touristic activities (e.g. coasteering, canyoning, diving).

SCAPETOUR project aims are: i) Valuation seascapes for tourism and conservation purposes; ii) Development of methodology framework for Seascape valorization that can be exported and adapted for other geographic realities; iii) Inclusion of new and reassessment of existing coastal and marine geosites of the Azores UNESCO Global Geopark; iv) Detailed and full characterization as well as sectorial analyses of selected coastal and underwater trails for tourism; v) Presentation of innovation proposals for products integrated into coastal or marine Nature tourism; vi) Contribution for the sustainability goals; vii) Contribution for ocean literacy.

Funded by
Governo Regional dos Açores
Principal Investigator
PhD at the University of the Azores on Marine Sciences (2013): Marine Spatial Planning in Marine Protected Areas. Master degree...
Other Members

João Carlos Nunes, paulo Borges, Eva Lima